The presents had began to reach on Saturday morning

The presents had began to reach on Saturday morning on the Simon house. They had been piling up on the very second when Leo on the synagogue was assuming the obligations of a great Jew and a great American. They got here from pals, from kinfolk, and from those that felt it good enterprise to favor the son of a buyer. So when Leo and his grandparents arrived house they discovered pyramids of packing containers. Leo acknowledged lots of the names of the individuals who had despatched items. They had been names he had seen on the envelopes of the invitation playing cards. Once more he didn’t perceive why the individuals who had apparently thought properly sufficient of him to ship items had not thought it needed to look on the synagogue to listen to him promise to be a great Jew.

Sunday arrived. That proved to be the day of unex-pected experiences for Leo. A goodly quantity dropped in in the course of the afternoon. They congratulated Leo and his mother and father and departed. However some stayed on and gathered within the room that had been arrange as a bar for the event. Some took to tables and performed playing cards.

It was within the night that the crowds actually arrived, and that meant extra presents. Leo was in a turmoil making an attempt to maintain monitor of the ties, fountain pens, and shirts that poured in.

Quickly the bar grew to become the middle of attraction. Leo was amazed to see how constantly the company poured the drinks down their throats, even the ladies.

Within the midst of the noise and confusion he acquired an pressing need to see his grandparents, who had been by this time quietly sitting of their room. They had been glad to see him and for Leo their very presence was reassuring. However then he heard his father name and he rushed again into the crowded front room.

“Come on, Leo,” his father commanded. Give your Bar Mitzvah speech for our good pals.”

“However Pa,” the Bar Mitzvah pleaded, “my speech is for a synagogue, for the home of God.         .

“Come on, come on,” Mr. Simon insisted; I spent sufficient in your classes.”

“Could the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless our congregation,” the Bar Mitzvah started.

“I’ll have one other cocktail, please,” got here a fema e voice from the bar.

“Oh, Father in Heaven, I pray unto thee for my mother and father and grandparents,” pleaded the Bar Mitzvah “Hey, Max, how about some extra Scotch? Demanded one of many company.