A giant satisfaction for Africa

A giant satisfaction for Africa generates the truth that she is linked with Bulgaria, whose economic system is developeing with a exceptional tempo. The technical progress in your nation can also be a supply of inspiration for the entire African continent.

The commerce and economical relations between Bulgaria and Africa have as an intention to determine lasting and robust contacts, to search out appropriate types of a longterm mutual advantageous collaboration. The fundamental precept from which Bulgaria is guided in her relations with the African nations, is to contribute for the finishing up of this economical coverage and to kind twoway mutual governmental committees, which might be occupied with all facets of the economical and scientificallytechnical collaboration. Now there are 22 such committees between Bulgaria and the African nations.

Our economical cooperation is regularly reinforceing and it consists of planing and deliveries of full objects, technical and technological exploitation of our deposits and the constructing of reservoirs and irrigation methods. Within the final years was reposed the start of the interigation of the scientific potential of Bulgaria with some African nations. In Angola, Mozambique, Lybia and Algeria had been opened bureaus for joined analysis and planning of the meliorative tools, and in Lybia, Tunisia and Algeria  facilities for architectual planning. This observe will unfold in different nations that present intrest towards this type of collaboration: Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Benin.

Apart from that greater than 3500 extremely certified Bulgarian specialists  engineers, docs, agronimists, lecturers within the establishments of upper and center schooling  cross their information and expertise and assist for the conclusion of the socialeconomic packages of numerous different African nations.

Why the AfricanBulgarian friendship

Perhaps the query will come up of why the AfricanBulgarian friendship is continualystrenghthening. The reply to this query combines many components, amongst which one stands out probably the most, the respect for the sovereighty and the independance for each nation. Apart from this Bulgaria has at all times rendered sensible help and ethical help within the Freedom Motion in Africa.

It have to be talked about that for a lot of necessary for humanity issues Africa and Bulgaria had and have the identical standpoint. Nigeria, in addition to Africa as an entire, have want for assist, in order that Namibia may be freed, and the racist regime of the minority of South Africa be covinced to take steps for the elimination of the construction of the racist discrimination and opening the street towards constructing a multi race society, established on the precept: One man  One voice. This may forestall the horrors of warfare and the pointless demise of many individuals.