Exclaimed Nahum

Exclaimed Nahum in accepting the casket

“ This is also for one of the best,” exclaimed Nahum in accepting the casket. “ I’ll gladly do as you bid me, and should it’s the need of Heaven that mv journey might carry comiort and peace to our sad individuals.”

At once Nahum set forth on his journey. At sundown he resolved to discover a lodging for the night time, as he didn’t assume it secure to journey after nightfall, as he was alone. He got here to an inn, and after he had partaken of a frugal supper he went to mattress. While he was quick asleep the host entered Nahum’s bed room and opened the casket. Alter he had taken out all the precious contents, he refilled it with earth which he had taken from below the edge, and closed the casket once more. He then left the bed room with out disturbing the drained sleeper.

Nahum slept effectively and arose within the early morning, feeling fairly refreshed and blissful. He opened the casket, and to his intense astonishment he discovered that it not contained the glittering gem» and treasured jewels; all he may see in it was moist earth. “ Unusual ! ” stated he; “ however that is additionally for one of the best.” He paid his host for his night time’s lodging and supper, aud with out a phrase in regards to the jewels he departed and continued his journey to Rome.

In the end he arrived at his vacation spot. He was permitted to enter the palace so as to carry the gilt to the Emperor. When he was carried out to the imperial presence, he was shocked to tind that the Emperor was seated on his throne with out anybody else being current. The Emperor acquired him with marked contempt. He averted his gaze and stated: “ Son of Judea led captive ! what dost thou carry from the land of thy fathers ? ”

“ I carry a treasured casket, zero mighty Caesar ! ” stated Nahum, making an obeisance.

“ ’Tis effectively spoken,” continued the Emperor. “ Now inform me, what does it comprise ? ”

Initially once I acquired it,” replied Nahum, “ it contained most lovely gems, priceless jewels:’’

Nicely ? ” interrupted the Emperor.

“ Dost thou know, zero nice Caesar,” continued Nahum, “ that the imperial police undergo thieves to be innkeepers within the Roman Empire ? Con-sequently the precious jewels which have been on this casket have been stolen and changed by moist earth. But methinks this isn’t fairly as dangerous because it may need been had the thief additionally stolen the casket.”