Prowess and renown counted

Og knew that- his prowess and renown counted for subsequent to nothing within the eyes of the mighty Moses who had led the Israelites after they encountered Sihon. True it was that Og was a person of gigantic stature, however all his individuals weren’t by any means as tall as he was. Even when the Israelites thought of themselves as grasshoppers compared along with his individuals, nonetheless the problem of battle relied on one thing extra highly effective than human may; it rested with the God of battle as to which facet ought to win. Og remembered the voice of Justice which he had so usually heard.

Moses and the Israelites got here to assault Og

When Moses and the Israelites got here to assault Og at Edrei it was dusk. Subsequent morning Moses and his males have been prepared at daybreak to start the assault, however when he regarded on the wall of the town he exclaimed in nice shock : “ Bee now, they’ve previously evening constructed a brand new‘ wall round their metropolis ! ” When Moses got here nearer he discovered that he had not seen dearly owing to the morning mist. There was no new wall, however solely the legs of Og who was sitting on the wall along with his toes reaching the bottom beneath. Moses was considerably shocked on the big measurement of the large. God, nevertheless, stated to him : “ What avail is the big stature to the large, when I’ve decreed his destruction t Concern not, solely be sturdy and of fine braveness.” The Israelites then started the assault, whereupon Og with one hand uprooted an enormous mountain and hurled it towards his foes. Within the nick of time this was intercepted by Moses, who pronounced the Holy Identify, of God. In a while, when Moses was not wanting, Og uprooted one other mountain three rni’es in size. The merciless large supposed to crush all of the Israelites beneath it by hurling it upon their camp. While he was carrying it upon his head a swarm of ants burrowed via it in order that it fell with a sudden blow upon his neck. He started to attempt to elevate it up, however in his terrific exertion his tooth started to develop, and pushed out to the appropriate and left of his mouth, like tusks of an elephant, and thus the mountain was stored as an alternative on his neck. As quickly as Moses noticed this he took an axe ten ells in size and jumped upwards ten ells in order to have the ability to attain Og’s ankles. He dealt him a mighty blow in order that he fell, after which Moses shortly minimize off his head. Lengthy after his loss of life a grave-digger stated that he had as soon as hunted a stag which fled into the hole thigh-bone of Og. The stag was pursued three miles earlier than it reaehed the top of the bone. The conquest of this highly effective large lingered lengthy within the creativeness of the. Israelites as one of many chief exploits of their beloved chief and lawgiver Moses. The entire of Og’s kingdom was assigned to the tribes of Reuben. Gad and half-Manasseh. This was the story of the best of the giants. It was believed that Goliath was one in all liis descendants. He additionally, in his flip, was slein by David, a descendant of Abraham.