Socialist Bulgaria

Today we can declare proudly: the people of socialist Bulgaria has proved worthy of its glorious past, both distant and more recent.

Glory be to the enthusiastic builders of the first five-year plan periods, who preached socialism, persuaded and carried others away with them, who ploughed the boundaries between the old fields, erected plants and dams, poured in the sound foundations of our young republic!
Glory be to those who are building the developed socialist society in Bulgaria with their inspired labour!

Allow me on behalf of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, of the state organs and the public and political organizations which adopted the jubilee address to our people to express our most sincere gratitude to the Bulgarian industrial and agricultural workers, our intelligentsia, to the Bulgarian women, the young people, the armed defenders of the Homeland, to all those who turned the year 1981 into a year of political and labour upsurge and won fresh successes in the implementation of the decisions of the Twelfth Congress!

The 13-century jubilee of the Bulgarian state has had wide repercussions all over the world. Jubilee committees were set up in scores of countries, large-scale political and cultural initiatives and manifestations showed the ancient and modern image of our people, its contribution to European civilization.

Allow me on behalf of the State Council and the government of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, on behalf of the Bulgarian people to express our heartfelt gratitude to the peoples, governments, public organizations, institutes and individuals who honoured our country in this year of our jubilee!

The Bulgarian state is meeting the 1300th anniversary

The Bulgarian state is meeting the 1300th anniversary of its foundation with a stable international status, with loyal allies and friends, and with a universally acknowledged and steadily growing prestige throughout the world.

Today the People’s Republic of Bulgaria maintains intensive diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with almost all states on our planet, takes an active part in the most prestigious international organizations and forums, itself being the initiator and host of major international undertakings and events.

It is of crucial importance for the People’s Republic of Bulgaria that it belongs to the family of socialist countries. We know that only as a strong and inseparable unit of the socialist community will our state and our people succesfully defend their independence and territorial integrity, will multiply their socialist achievements.