Fertilize Fatherland

Fertilize our Fatherland

Allow us to bow deeply to the heroes who scattered their bones over the sacred Bulgarian land in an effort to fertilize our Fatherland for a brand new upsurge!

After the Liberation the Bulgarian bourgeouisie betrayed the beliefs of our Nationwide Revival, the beliefs of our revolutionary democrats, the best of a pure and sacred republic.

Solely 13 years after the Liberation, nevertheless, it was there once more, within the proud Balkan Vary, on Mount Bouzloudja, that the foundations had been laid of the revolutionary Marxist social gathering of the younger Bulgarian proletariat, of our toiling individuals, in Bulgaria, which was centuries behind in its social and financial improvement.

Our individuals nurtured nice revolutionaries in the course of the previous hundred years.

Dimiter Blagoev, a pupil banished from Czarist Russia, grew up as one of many best Marxists of his time. Collectively along with his exceptional comrades-in-arms he laid the foundations of our Social gathering and turned it inside a short while right into a combat-ready ideological and revolutionary pressure.

The one-time compositor Georgi Dimitrov headed along with Vassil Kolarov the world’s first anti-fascist rebellion – the September 1923 Rebellion; on the Reichstrag Hearth Trial he dealt fascism the primary crushing ideological, political and ethical blow; he was elected Secretary Normal of the Communist Worldwide.

The toiling peasantry produced the nice democrat, peasant chief and statesman Alexander Stamboliiski.

The working individuals rose 4 occasions in a mass armed wrestle towards the monarchy, capitalism and fascism. Thrice: within the autumn of 1918 close to Vladaya, in June and September 1923 – the risings resulted in a blood tub.

The Second World Warfare started. Fulfilling its patriotic and internationalist responsibility, the Bulgarian Communist Social gathering led the working individuals in its final and decisive battle towards the bourgeois- fascist rule.

Partisans walked the haidout paths, not but overgrown; they had been staff, peasants and intellectuals; communists and members of the Younger Employees’ League, Agrarian Social gathering members and non- affiliated individuals. The partisan bands grew into detachments and brigades. Fight teams operated courageously within the cities. Within the villages partisan helpers, ignoring the mortal risks, sacrificing themselves, their households and houses, provided shelter and meals to the individuals’s fighters.

The Soviet Military

After which got here the nice Day One, September 9, 1944. With the decisive help of the Soviet Military our individuals carried by the socialist revolution, which opened a brand new web page within the immortal e book of Bulgarian historical past.

Our historic reminiscence will cherish endlessly innumerable feats and names, for the heroes are numerous, each well-known and humble, useless and residing, to whom we should always pay our filial tribute right this moment. Glory be to them!