Communist Party

Our heroic Communist Social gathering

Allow us to pay our heartfelt tribute to our heroic Communist Social gathering – the inspirer, organizer and chief of Bulgaria pursuing its April 1956 course!


The enduring grandeur of the reason for our ancestors lies in the truth that the Bulgarian State – in distinction to the states current on the time on our continent – was constructed on the precept of nationality, as a state of 1 folks – the Bulgarian folks. It arose on the premise of three important ethnic parts – the Proto- Bulgarians, Slavs and Thracians – which shaped one nationality, the Bulgarian. It was the primary Slav state, which heralded the political and religious awakening of the Slav world of many hundreds of thousands, helped it to hitch the civilization of the occasions and gave it an irresistible impetus in direction of the forefront of that civilization, civilization.

Glory be to the good prime builders, beneath whose management the Bulgarian folks created their centralized state – the khans Asparouh, Kroum and Omourtag, knyaz Boris I, the tsars Simeon, Samouil, Assen and Peter, Kaloyan and Ivan-Assen II!

The Bulgarian land was way back the centre of cultures nice for his or her occasions, which had an affect on ours and which our historic folks creatively infused into its personal tradition.

However there’s one trigger in our previous which is especially necessary in explaining our nationwide resilience and indestructibility – the reason for these brothers of genius, Cyril and Methodius, and their disciples.

Bulgaria is the homeland of the Slavonic alphabet, of the Slavonic script and tradition. Literary faculties, busy centres of extensive instructional and instructive exercise, made their look. With their work Cyril and Methodius opened up boundless horizons for the cultural growth of our folks, offered us with a strong weapon for nationwide selfawareness and nationwide self- preservation. Our personal written phrase should have been a horrible religious weapon, certainly, to make overseas conquerors not solely exterminate our ancestors, but in addition burn our books!

Brothers Cyril and Methodius

Glory be to the brothers Cyril and Methodius who within the darkness of the early Center Ages gave our folks and the entire of Slavdom the inextinguishable torch of schooling and progress!

Cyril and Methodius and their disciples are the fountainhead of the sound humanistic, democratic and revolutionary traditions of Bulgarian tradition, which has by no means seen a better or extra noble purpose than that of serving its folks, its schooling and battle, its nationwide, political and religious elevation. This custom passes by way of every thing written by Chernorizets Hrabr and Patriarch Evtimi, by Paissi and Sofroni of Vratsa, by Georgi Rakovski and Petko Slaveikov, by Botev and Karavelov, by Zahari Stoyanov, Ivan Vazov and Elin Pelin, by Hristo Smyrnenski and Nikola Vaptsarov.