Jewelry was a terrific characteristic

Jewelry was a terrific characteristic ; ear-rings, bracelets, armlets, torques and necklaces, and rings of gold, silver, and baser metals, have been usually set with valuable stones, or engraved with the portrait of some pricey pal or the illustration of some historic occasion. Such rings, getting used for sealing letters and paperwork, would normally be bequeathed A HAND- by a Roman on his death-bed to his nearest °R’ pal. Ear-rings have been a really favorite type of adornment, and three or 4 would dangle picturesquely from every ear, however solely girls and boys wore them. The sporting of rings, nevertheless, was common. Iron, copper, and ivory performed their half within the making of the bracelets, and within the lengthy ( pins for the hair, which have been embellished with large heads largely signiaficant, together with such odd designs as a fish bearing in its mouth two valuable stones, and a dangling basket with a grasping chook pecking at its floral contents. The serpent discovered his solution to favour as an armlet and once more as a diadem. The Greeks, certainly, have been keen on adorning their clothes with beasts and birds, which they embroidered or wove in gold and silver and colored threads.

The Greek feminine costume consisted of the pallium, a cloak-like garment very lengthy and ample, worn plain, or bearing a fringed border, and below this was a chlamys, bearing shut kinship in type to the Roman toga, and fixed to the shoulder by a brooch. The Grecian girls minimize their hair near their heads, and the married have been distinguished from the single by a parting in entrance, however no Grecian lady ever went and not using a veil, masking the face. The top-dress and ribbons of matrons differed from these of the virgins, and there was a change within the form of the tunic earlier than and after marriage. Ribbons within the hair have been most popular as decorations by the modest girls, whereas the courtesans coated their heads with a mitre, and carried oval hand-mirrors, which distinguished them, because it have been considerably, from their extra virtuous sisters, who made use of followers of leaves or feathers.

Using cosmetics was vastly favoured

The artwork of magnificence, it appears, was studied with a lot curiosity. Using cosmetics was vastly favoured. White lead was employed to whiten the pores and skin, and vermilion to supply the rosy bloom of youth ; and we have now most of us been impressed by the truth that Nero’s spouse found a pomade for the preservation of her complexion—little doubt her pressing wants led to this heroic effort ! A lot time and a focus have been bestowed on the hair, and using false tresses was very common, slaves being employed to curve the hair, whereas consultants supervised the method. The buildings have been adorned with pearls and different valuable stones, crowns of gold and flowers, ribbons and fillets, whereas the embroidered web, often known as the caul, additionally had a full share of patronage. The Roman girls would paint their hair a beautiful yellow.