The Parthians

The Saka domination in north-western India was adopted by that of the Parthians, and in ‘ many historical’ Indian Sanskrit texts the 2 peoples are collectively talked about as Saka-Pahla- vas Actually they dominated over this nation on parallel strains for somu time Initially the Parthians lived in Iran, from the place they moved to India. As compared with the Greeks and the Sakas they occupied solely a small portion of north-western India within the first century. Probably the most well-known Parthian king was Gondophernes, in whose reign St. Thomas is claimed to have come to India for the propagation of Christianity In course of time the Parthians, just like the Sakas earlier than them, turned an integral a part of Indian polity and society

The Kushans

The Parthians had been adopted by the Kushans, – who’re additionally known as Yuechis or Tochanans. The Kushans had been one of many 5 clans into which the Yuechi tribe was divided. A nomadic folks from the steppes of north.Central Asia residing within the neighbourhood of China, the Kushans first occupied Bactria or north Afghanistan the place they displaced the Sakas. Step by step they moved to the Kabul valley and seized Gandhara by crossing the Hindukush, changing the rule of the Greeks and Parthians in these areas. Lastly they arrange their authority over the decrease Indus basin and the higher a part of the Gangetic basin. Their empire prolonged^ from the Oxus to the Ganga, from Khorasan in Central Asia to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. A very good a part of Central Asia now included in the us, a portion of Iran, a portion of Afghanistan, virtually the entire of Pakistan, and virtually the entire of northern India had been introduced underneath one rule by the Kushans This Created a singular alternative repair the commingling of peoples and cultures, and the method gave rise to a brand new kind of tradition which embraced 5 fashionable international locations

We come throughout two successive dynasties of the Kushans. The primary dynasty was based by a home of chiefs who had been known as Kadphises and who dominated for 28 years from about A.D. 50 It had two kings The primary was Kadphises I, who issued cash south of the Hindu kush. He minted coppers in imitation of Roman cash. The second king was Kadphises II, who issued a lot of gold cash and unfold his kingdom east of the Indus.

The home of Kadphises was succeeded by that of Kanishka. Its kings pxtended the Kushan. energy over higher India and the decrease Indus basin. The early Kushan kings issued quite a few gold cash with larger gold content material than is discovered within the Gupta cash Though the gold cash of the Kushans are discovered primarily west of the Indus, their inscriptions are distributed not solely in north-western India and Sindh but in addition in Mathura, Sravasti, Kausambi and Varanasi Therefore they’d arrange their authority within the higher a part of the Gangetic basin. Kushan corns, inscriptions, sculptures and buildings present in Mathura present that it was their second capital in India, the primary being Purushapura or Peshawar, the place Kanishka erected a monastery and an enormous stupa or relic-tower which excited the surprise of overseas travellers.