Magadha owed its enlargement

We’ve got seen how Magadha owed its enlargement to sure primary materials benefits As soon as the information of the usage of these components of tradition unfold to central India, the Deccan and Kalinga because of the enlargement of the Magadhan empire, thp Gangetic basin which fashioned the guts of the empire misplaced its particular benefit The common use of iron instruments and weapons within the peripheral provinces coincided with the decline and fall of the Maurya empire. On the’foundation of fabric tradition acquired from Magadha new kingdoms may very well be based and developed. This explains the rise of the Sungas and,Kanvas in central India, of the Chetis in

Kalinga and that of the Satavahanas within the Deccan

Neglect of the North-West Frontier and the Nice Wall of China

Since Asoka was largely preoccupied with missionary actions at residence and overseas, he couldn’t take note of the safeguarding of the passage on the north-western frontier. This had turn out to be needed in view of the motion of tribes in Central Asia within the third century B.C. The Scythians have been in a state of fixed flux. A nomadic folks primarily counting on the usage of horse, they posed critical risks to the settled empires in China and India. The Chinese language ruler Shih Huang Ti (247-210 B.C) constructed the Nice Wall of China in about 220 B C. to defend his empire agamst.the assaults of the Scythians. No related measures have been taken by Asoka. Naturally when the Scythians made a push in the direction of India they compelled the Parthians, the Sakas and the Greeks to maneuver in the direction of India. The Greeks had arrange a kingdom in north Afghanistan which was referred to as Bactria. They have been the primary to invade India in 206 B.C This was adopted by a collection of invasions which continued until the start of the Christian period

The Maurya empire was lastly destroyed by Pushyamitra Sunga in 185 B.C. Though a brahmana he was a basic of the final Maurya king referred to as Brihadratha. He’s stated to have killed Brihadratha in public and forcibly usurped the throne of Patalipufra. The Sungas dominated in Patahputra and central India, and so they carried out a number of Vedic sacrifices m order to mark the revival of the brahmamcal lifestyle. It’s stated that they persecuted the Buddhists They have been succeeded by the Kanvas who have been additionally brahmanas.

Central Asian Contacts and Their Outcomes

The interval which started in about 200 B.C didn’t witness a big empire like that of the Mauryas, however it’s notable for intimate and widespread contacts between Central Asia and India In japanese India, central India and the Deccan the Mauryas have been succeeded by quite a lot of native rulers such because the Sungas, the Kativas and the Satavahanas In north-western India they have been succeeded by quite a lot of ruling dynasties from Central Asia

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